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As well as being an artist, Erica is also a qualified florist, with a Certificate II in Horticulture and a background in retail floristry.

She uses flowers as a tool to express feelings, move viewers and bring focus to the beauty of the natural world. 


A fresh collection of flowers are stocked on a weekly basis at Dig Emporium, Windsor. Each collection varies in colour and floral content, using the best seasonal flora gathered fresh from the flower market.

Erica's designs are underpinned by sustainably-focused choices — always prioritising local florals as well as compostable, biodegradable and recyclable elements.

Get in touch here to discuss any special orders you have in mind!



Sustainable design choices, prioritising our planet.


Nature as art

Designing flowers to evoke feelings, move viewers and bring joy.


Market-fresh blooms

The best of the seasons, drawing on nature at its finest.


Available at Dig Emporium

Visit Dig Emporium, Windsor to browse the current collection! 

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